How to support

Donate Money

Donate Money

Other ways

1. Donate by Bank or Post Office Transfer

Post Office Account

  • Account Name:2hj
  • Account Number:00120-7-171027

Bank Account

  • Bank Name:Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Yoga Shuchojo (762)
  • Account Type: Regular (Futsu)
  • Account Number:3647565
  • Account Name:Second Harvest Japan

※ We ask that those who donate by bank transfer contact and inform us of your name and donation amount. When we have received your donation, we will send you a confirmation.

2. Donate by Check, Postal Transfer or Rice Stamps

We ask that you send your check, postal transfer and rice stamps to the following address:
Second Harvest Japan
1F Mizuta Bld, 4-5-1 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0053

3. Tax-deductible donations for US taxpayers

Donations made through our sister organization, Second Harvest Asia, are tax-deductible. See secondharvestasia for more information.

Currently we are unable to accept donations via credit card. Please use the PayPal donation form above.

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