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Volunteer Agreement


Your registration will be automatically renewed. Therefore, as long asthere are no changes in the personal information that you have provided, and providing that you wish to continue volunteering with us, there is no need to re-register.

That Second Harvest Japan (2HJ) operates as a working warehouse, and as such there are inherently dangerous activities on premises. I accept such risks and responsibilities for the losses and/or damages following and injury or other loss. I will hold harmless and waive any and all claims or causes of actions against the 2HJ, including but not limited to, claims arising out of negligent or intentional conduct of 2HJ employees, representatives or agents. In the event of an accident or injury related to my work as a 2HJ volunteer, I will use the designated 2HJ volunteer insurance as the primary provider, and if the insurance is not applicable, I will use my personal/employer’s insurance. (Visit 2HJ homepage for more details on the 2HJ volunteer insurance.) I will follow all rules and procedures given to me by 2HJ employees or agents, including dress code guidelines. To attest that I/the minor child(ren) or vulnerable adults under my supervision are physically fit and prepared to perform the tasks assigned as a Food Bank volunteer, subject to all personal limitations/restrictions as described in the Emergency Information section of the personal release form. If at any time I/the minor child(ren) or vulnerable adults under my supervision feel unable to perform the work assigned, I/we will immediately cease working and report to the volunteer coordinators or the 2HJ employee or agent for re-assignment. I as a parent/legal guardian or group supervisor am solely responsible for the safety, supervision, and actions of any minor children and/or vulnerable adults in our group and that no one under the age of 18 may operate any power equipment. I also grant the 2HJ full permission to use photographs and quotations by me or by our organization for promotional or other purposes.

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