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From Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Akihabara Station

1.Exit to street level from via exit 1.

Once you have reached street level immediately make a u-turn so that you are facing the other direction.

2.Walk straight and take the first left.

The crosswalk to JR Akihabara station should be on your right and a soba shop (富士そば) on your left. Turn immediately after the soba shop and proceed straight down this street.

3.You should be walking along the left side of the the JR Sobu Line train tracks (toward JR Asakusa Station)

Keep walking for a good 400 meters. You will pass many small intersections and cross streets.

4.When you hit a large street with a traffic light cross the intersection and continue on straight for another 30 or so meters.

There should be a sign on the traffic light at this intersection which reads “美倉橋北.” You should be able to see the Second Harvest Sign from here.

5.Congratulations! You have safely arrived at Second Harvest Japan!

Welcome to Second Harvest Japan!

  • Building on the left
    (kitchen and volunteer work space)

  • Building on the right

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